Best Commercial Mower For Homeowner Use

Lawn mowing is another business for many people. However, many users want to use a Commercial purpose lawn mower for their private ends. The reasons are many but one thing will not change, and that is Commercial mowers are high-end, and they are made to use for hours. Many brands who focus for the commercial purposes manufacture the mower to run for 20 hours continuously, and function for years without any hassle.

Almost 90% of the residential based mowers are made to run for few hours, and they do last for years as well. When you compare then you can find some differences but did you know that popular brands like Honda are no longer supporting Home and Commercial models. Every model Honda launches come with a price tag. The price decides what a best Lawn Mower they manufacturer can do for the user. That’s how the companies are functioning, and this is the point of view they have for the users.

Commercial Mower

Let’s look at some of the best Commercial Lawn Mowers, which can be used for homes as well.

As I have said, branded companies are selling high-end mowers for a high-priced so that you can expect expensive machines on the list.

The run of the mill plan of a zero-turn cutter has each back wheel associated with a hydrostatic transmission – a gadget that makes wheel pivot utilizing pressurized liquid. Rotational compel from the motor turns a pulley-worked pump that pressurizes the transmission liquid. When you move a guiding/speed lever, you are controlling the stream of liquid through the transmission and the rotational speed or the forward/invert bearing of a drive wheel. Most extreme lever development implies greatest liquid stream

Husqvarna 967334101 – MZ54S – $4000

Husqvarna is a major brand, and they have 967334101 – MZ54S model, which is a beast when it comes to mowing the grass. The powerhouse has 25HP engine, which is not only known for Athlete lawn mower but also durable when it comes to smooth performance and powerful features. The product comes with three-years of warranty.

48″ Bradley Stand-On Zero Turn Commercial Mower

I wouldn’t say that this is the best brand for selecting a quality Mower for home users, but I would add that people liked it for commercial purposes. The Bradley powered by Turf electric start and Twin drive system. It has the adjustable three blade cutter, zero turn driving, parking brake and blade engagement. The convertible walk-behind mower to stand on which increases the efficiency. The interesting part that warranty on commercial use if one year and residential is a Two-year warranty on it.

Bradley Stand-On Zero Turn Commercial Mower

Swisher WBERC11524C

The Swisher has named it “No mercy – predator, electric” and it has reasons behind it. The recoil start engine has 122.5HP Briggs, is known as a predator. The quality of the mower is high, and it does deliver power performance. The reliable Swisher model has incredible torque and can work for hours without any breaks. The brand has giving two years of warranty on the product, and it comes at the price tag of $1,998, which is less expensive for a high-end mower.

Snapper CP215520HV / 7800849

The snapper has manufactured a mower around $900, which is the lowest commercial series mower. The Snapper CP215520HV  has 163cc Honda GXV160 engine, which is capable enough to mow down 21-inches grass without any hassle. The seven position height-of-cut mower has made to it to the list because it has all features, which can be used for home purposes.



Commercial series Lawn Mowers are very expensive but they do have many features which are necessary for Home users. Not everybody lawn is small or huge, so if your lawn is huge then it is recommended for you to get a commercial mower under $5000.