The Basics of Master Bedroom Design

The master bedroom is the largest bedroom in the house, and usually designing it is most challenging. In this space, you can play around with a mix and match of different color schemes, furniture pieces, and room decors and accessories. The question is where it’s best to start and how to go about with the planning. In this article, we will walk you through with the five basics to help you achieve a great master bedroom design that will suit your fancy.

  • Focus on the bed as it serves as your perfect sanctuary.

You will most likely spend most of your time in the master bedroom sleeping or resting on the bed, so investing in a quality mattress with the right texture, height, and size weighs most importance. Assess the area that will be taken up by the bed and if possible, allot some space for an over-sized headboard

Having a well-designed and attractive headboard wins points in terms of room interior design. Place the large headboard on the wall opposite the bedroom’s entrance so it will be the first thing that will meet your eyes just before everything else. You can even hire a professional artist to make a unique texture and design for this statement piece in the room.

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  • Opt for a relaxing palette of colors.

The bedroom must be a calming space where you retreat at the end of the day, so a relaxing color will definitely be a plus to help surround you with peace and tranquility. Light blue, white, and other muted tones are nice choices for the wall paint. For the rest of the furniture and accessories, you can mix and match complementary colors to add balance and character in the room. Setting a theme color and then having one accent can make the appeal more interesting. You can also hang a painting on a wall which features a contrast of your color motif just to add a splash of surprise that you can admire every day.

  • Get creative with lighting fixtures.

Lighting in the master bedroom suite should not be kept as minimal-looking as a fluorescent light bulb or a plain-looking ceiling light. There’s more that you can explore with the various designs of lighting fixtures available. A grand chandelier, for instance, adds instant glamour to an otherwise boring master bedroom. If you want to go for more functionality points, a ceiling fan with lights will work fine as well. There are plenty of options such as table lamps, sconces, and candles that you can place to fit in a classier vibe.

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  • Include a sitting area.

You won’t be in the master bedroom only to sleep. If you want to eat some snacks, read books, or work on a paper, it will be best to have a quiet sitting area. A small coffee table and a comfortable chair will be fine. Here you can stay awake while still feeling cozy and contemplate on thoughts. If you want to give it a more casual look, create a larger sitting area in the corner of the master bedroom paired with a small bookshelf.

  • Think about the flooring.

The flooring completes and dictates the overall look and appeal of the bedroom. Fitting dark eucalyptus hardwood flooring will create a good against your light-colored wall and furnishings. If you want to add a touch of elegance, laying down a carpet will make a more integrated look. Get carpet cleaning services in Adelaide to maintain cleanliness and stay away from dirt and clutter.


Regardless of your lifestyle, these basic design elements in the master bedroom will make up a polished look that’s both classic and convenient any day of the year Patriot Bonds. The bed, the light, flooring, and the key pieces of furniture in the bedroom are prime components to fill up the space with a harmonious concept that will capture your heart and soothe your soul, helping you get a more peaceful sleep nightly.

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